Liberty Guns: FFL # 5-76-361-01-9L-37329

About us:
Tell us what you want.

We are a Texas, family owned, firearms dealer. We do not stock any modern arms.
We specialize in providing a service which is unique to the business.
You tell us what you want and we find it and get it for you.
Is there a gun that you've always wanted .. a pre '64 model 70 Winchester ..
a second generation single action Colt .. a model 1892 Win. with octagon barrel ..
a nickel Colt Python .. a Walther PPK like James Bond carried ..
or like that classic .22 you wanted when you were a teen but couldn't afford ..
maybe one like your father taught you to shoot with ..
one that they don't make anymore?
      Well, that gun is probably still out there someplace..
increasing in value every minute as you read this.
You deserve it and want it in your hands now, so why waste time?

Let us find it and get it for you.

Contact us:
Click here to e-mail or telephone Jerry: cell 409-988-3085